The Graduate Chapter, Eta Chapter, began with seven young ladies. All but one attended Western Reserve University. They were, Mrs. Blanche Johnson, Miss Ruth Dean Lee, Mrs. Lucretia Grant Shumake, Dr. Clemence Green, Mrs. Zelba Green, Dr. Edwardina Grant and Mrs. Inez Fairfax. Eta Chapter was the first Graduate Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. These young ladies organized Eta Chapter so efficiently that soon the chapter began to be recognized. Initially called the Women’s College Club, it received its charter of membership into Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority on December 1, 1917 from Soror Nellie Quander. Eta Chapter was invited to attend the Boule in Chicago, in which they accepted.

Eta Chapter grew and the members were very active, with unity and sisterly love. They adopted a Constitution and their motto was, “Not For Ourselves but For Others”. Eta Chapter became Alpha Omega Chapter in 1922. The name was changed because most of the Greek alphabet had been used because there was an increase in Graduate Chapters. Also, the 1921 Boule stipulated that Graduate Chapters had to have “Omega” combined with the other alphabets in their regular order. So, as a result Eta Chapter became Alpha Omega Chapter.

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